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Industry Associations

Various industry associations play a role in promoting and supporting outbound investment. These are member-based associations consisting of companies, banks and insurers. They work to promote and guide the development of their sectors. They work with the government to provide some level of “self-regulation” among their members, although they have no legal authority. They are also commissioned by the government to conduct research and provide policy recommendations.

Some of these industry groups have published or co-published guidelines related to overseas investment and finance. Several of these guidelines are discussed in the Standards section.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC)

  • Over 6,000 members
  • Issued guidelines on social responsibility in overseas mining, mineral supply chain due diligence and sustainable natural rubber
  • Established multi-stakeholder cobalt initiative
  • Now working to promote their implementation

China International Contractors Association (CHINCA)

  • Over 1,300 members
  • Conducts credit ratings of members and evaluates their projects
  • Has published guidelines on social responsibility in international contracting and on sustainable infrastructure

China Banking Association (CBA)

  • Is supervised by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission
  • Over 600 members
  • Aims to promote common interests of members, improve quality and promote healthy development of the banking industry
  • Active in promotion of “Green Finance” and provides training to members