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Advocacy Strategies

Multi-pronged advocacy strategies are essential to holding corporations accountable and securing redress. No single strategy is likely to be successful on its own. It is also highly likely that the community’s or campaign’s goals will not be achieved quickly and you will need to be prepared to pursue a range of strategies over an extended period of time, usually years.

In this section, you will find information and tips on using a range of advocacy strategies that can be employed by community and civil society advocates to stop harmful projects, secure remedy, and hold corporations accountable. You will find guidance on effectively engaging advocacy targets, including the main company behind the project and key actors along the investment and supply chain. You will find information on using non-judicial grievance mechanism, the courts and human rights institutions, and commentary of their effectiveness. You will also find guidance on using the media, including social media, and conducting shareholder and consumer advocacy. You will also find information on assessing security risks when deciding whether and how to employ any of these advocacy strategies. Each sub-section contains practical resources and lists of organizations that specialize in the area.

Throughout, you will find guidance on how these strategies can be used together to complement each other and increase the community’s power to level the playing field in the pursuit of accountability and justice.