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Inclusive Development International has been conducting Follow the Money investigations at the request of grassroots advocates for years. Some of the most powerful tools in our arsenal are subscription-only Wall Street databases that help us dig up critical information on the web of actors behind irresponsible investment projects.

But these databases are expensive to access, especially for the advocates and communities that need them most. So we are developing a suite of our own data tools that automate investment and supply chain research – and we’re making them free to use. Together, they will form an open-access financial terminal for advocates that will help grow the community of practitioners who are able to do this important, impactful work.

So far, we have launched the Development Bank Investment Tracker (DeBIT), which allows users to search the project databases of 17 development finance institutions with independent accountability mechanisms with one click, the Shareholder Tracker, which allows users to identify the major shareholders of publicly listed companies, and the Palm Oil Tracker (“PalmWatch”), which maps palm oil supply chains, linking global brands to the ground-level impacts of their palm oil use. We are also developing tools that track Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments, and commercial bank loans.

Access these trackers below and watch this space for new tools as they become available.