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How to Hold Corporations Accountable for Harms

Why Follow the Money Behind Harmful Projects?

Holding corporations accountable for human rights abuses and environmental harm is not easy. It takes creative, strategic and tenacious advocacy. Researching and analyzing a harmful investment project’s investment and supply chain, and analyzing it to identify strong pressure points for advocacy, provides you with the crucial data you need to design an effective strategy.

In this guide, you will find information on how to seize the pressure points in a project’s investment and supply chain and turn them into action. It contains guidance on mobilizing the community and getting organized, developing a clear advocacy goal and message, and collecting and analyzing evidence to substantiate your advocacy. It then provides practical advice on a variety of mechanisms and tactics that can be employed as part of a multi-pronged strategy to achieve community goals and hold corporations accountable.

Each section contains real life examples of how community advocates around the world have employed different strategies successfully take on corporate giants. You’ll also find links to numerous other useful resources and lists of organizations that specialize in different strategies and may be able to offer assistance.